Not all pepperonis are the same, just as not ever recipe is the same. In fact, the Smithfield Culinary family of brands offers a variety of pepperoni products and formats for you to craft and customize your menu.

Visual Flavor – From orange to deep red, the color of the slice of pepperoni can provide a “visual taste” and distinction of the product. Protein and spice composition determines the hue of a pepperoni; more beef makes a darker red, while a pork-heavy blend shifts lighter.

Distinct Shape and Performance – When exposed to heat, pepperoni can cup and crisp along the edges, providing a perfect way to hold beads of oil or spices, and increasing the pizza’s overall performance. If you’d prefer a sleeker, more modern, and cleaner look, we also provide pepperoni that lays flat. No matter your need, Smithfield Culinary can provide the right pepperoni for you!