As the oldest continuing meat operation in the United States, John Morrell by Smithfield has a well-deserved reputation for producing consistent, high-quality meat since 1827. John Morrell by Smithfield Foodservice has continued to develop and supply the products operators need to improve back of house operations and deliver the flavor and taste appeal that diners demand. We offer whole hams that are naturally hardwood smoked for an authentic smoky flavor, as well as a wide range of timesaving specialty cuts your customers will surely love.

Premium Black-Premium quality hams for the most discerning customers to provide high-quality, center of plate applications.

Superior Gold-Versatile hams for a wide variety of menu applications.

Standard Red-A portfolio of economical hams for cost-conscious operators.

Brand Description GTIN Replacement GTIN
John Morrell by Smithfield
Premium Black
EZ Cut Bone-In SBO Whole Ham, Dry 90070100041831
Premium Black
EZ Cut Bone-In SBO Half Ham, Dry 90070100041879
Superior Gold
Bone-In Shankless Whole Ham, Water Added, 20 Pound Hams, 3 Hams per Case 90070100046720
Superior Gold
Bone-In Shankless Half Ham, Water Added, 10 Pound Hams, 6 Hams per Case 90070100046744
Standard Red
Bone-In Whole Ham, Ham & Water Product, 22.3 Pound Hams, 3 Hams per Case BEING DISCOUNTINUED BY Q4 2020 90070100046942 90044200635054