This page is for sales and broker partners to quickly build distributor-specific product lists. Get started below.


  1. Click on the “Choose Distributor” tab and select a Distributor from the dropdown menu. Then, click “Select Products” tab.
  2. Along the left side, choose your products or sort by category to filter and make multiple selections. Click “Add Distributor Item Codes” tab.
  3. Enter distributor-specific item codes for each item (if not already populated). Click the “Customize Order” tab.
  4. Upload your distributor logo* (png and jpeg files only) and enter your distributor name. Click “Generate PDF” tab.
  5. Click “Save PDF” or go back to any previous step to edit.

* Many distributor logos are available on the Toolbox. Toolbox > Asset Collections > Distributor Logos. Please email if you need access.

# GTIN Description Category
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# GTIN Description Category Distributor Item Code
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