For foodservice operators lacking an extensive kitchen or those looking for quick and convenient protein-based meat options, Smithfield Smoke’NFast offers a delicious variety of fully cooked and smoked meats. Featuring heat-and-serve simplicity, both sauced and sauceless options are available for your own personalization. Our fully cooked barbecue beef and pork options are authentically smoked with natural hardwoods to satisfy any BBQ lover. Plus, we go above and beyond traditional barbecue with global flavors, including carnitas, barbacoa and osso buco.

While our Smoke’NFast line tastes like it’s been labored over for days, you can prepare it all in minutes. And in an industry challenged by labor shortages, this is as enticing as it is easy. No smoker? No problem. Now you can serve authentic protein-packed smoked BBQ and beyond without the need for expensive equipment or extra staff.