Send tastebuds on a globetrotting flavor journey by spicing up your menu with Smithfield Smoke’NFast pulled meats. With just the right blend of zingy Mexican spices, our delicious carnitas and barbacoa are both slow-cooked and naturally hardwood-smoked for authentic flavor. And our osso buco is an easy crowd-pleaser that’s ready in minutes.

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Description GTIN
Smithfield Smoke’NFast Osso Buco, Pork Shank, Fully Cooked, 6/3 lb, Frozen 10070247192476
Smithfield Smoke’NFast Pork Carnitas, 6/5 lb, Frozen, Random Weight 90704051269265
Smithfield Smoke’NFast Pork Carnitas, All Natural, 6/4.85 lb, Frozen, Random Weight 90704051269302
Smithfield Smoke’NFast Beef Barbacoa, 10/3 lb, Frozen, Random Weight 90704051270223