Tasty and tender, these whole-muscle pork shanks are slow cooked and ready to serve. They taste great naked, with rubs and spices, or with your favorite sauces and glazes. They’re also extremely versatile and can be prepared via grill, oven (convection or conventional), deep fryer, air fryer or smoker. Any way you choose, they will fly off the menu.

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Description GTIN
Smithfield Smoke’NFast Mini KC Wild Wings, 2/5 lb, Frozen 00070247194558
Smithfield Smoke’NFast KC Wild Wings, 3/3 lb, Frozen 10070247192124
Smithfield Smoke’NFast Big Wing, Seasoned Pork Shank, Fully Cooked, 12/1 lb, Frozen 20070800222951
Smithfield Smoke’NFast KC Wild Wings, Boneless, 5/3#, Frozen 20070800223378