America’s favorite pizza topping is pepperoni! And our pepperoni is perfectly formulated to please every pizza lover. Available in both lay-flat performance or cup ‘n char options, the latter which develops an oil in the center that holds flavor. We offer varieties that range from mild to bold, and we have numerous sizes available.

Description GTIN
Margherita Pepperoni with Collagen Casing, Sliced, 21-23 Slices per lb, 2/12.5 lb 20027815002481
Margherita Pepperoni, Sliced, 4/2 lb 20027815004720
Margherita Pepperoni, Sliced, 8/2 lb 20027815581795
Margherita Pepperoni, Grande, Sliced, 64 Slices per lb, 6/2 lb 20076033100363
Margherita Grande Pepperoni, 6/5.683 lb, Random Weight 90076033104551