Not all pepperonis are the same, just as not ever recipe is the same. Margherita pepperoni products and formats for you to craft and customize your menu.

Visual Flavor. From orange to deep red, the color of the slice of pepperoni can provide a "visual taste" and distinction of the product. Protein and spice composition determines the hue of a pepperoni, more beef makes a darker red, while a pork-heavy blend shifts lighter.

Distinct Shape and Performance. When exposed to heat, pepperoni can cup and crisp along the edges, providing a perfect way to hold beads of oil or spices, and increasing the pizza's overall performance. If you'd prefer a sleeker, more modern, and cleaner look, we also provide pepperoni that lays flat. No matter your need, Margherita can provide the right pepperoni for you!

Brand Description GTIN Replacement GTIN
Margherita Pepperoni with Collagen Casing, Sliced, 21-23 Slices per lb, 2/12.5 lb 20027815002481
Margherita Pepperoni, Sliced, 4/2 lb 20027815004720
Margherita Pepperoni, Sliced, 8/2 lb 20027815581795
Margherita Pepperoni, Grande, Sliced, 64 Slices per lb, 6/2 lb 20076033100363
Margherita Grande Pepperoni, 6/5.683 lb, Random Weight 90076033104551