Capicola, also referred to as “gabagool,” is made using high-quality pork butt in a time-honored Italian style. Satisfyingly rich in flavor, with a smooth, pleasing texture, our capicola comes in two varieties. Our hot capicola is finished with red pepper and a special blend of spices for a zingy kick, and our sweet capicola is rolled in pepper. Perfect for a variety of appetizers or snacks, on a sandwich, or even as a main dish.

Brand Description GTIN Replacement GTIN
Carando by Margherita
Sliced Hot Capicola, 1 Pound Packages, 12 Packages per Case 00076033116247
Sliced Hot Ham, 48 Slices per Pound, 10 Pound Case 10076033561945
Semi-Dry Hot Capicola, Sliced, 2 Pound Packages, 6 Packages per Case 10076033563086
Margherita Hot Sliced Capicola, 2 Pound Packages, 5 Packages per Case 20027815001613
Margherita Hot Capicola, 6 Pound Sticks, 2 Sticks per Case 90038616376441
Margherita Sweet Capicola, 5.75 Pound Sticks, 2 Sticks per Case 90038616376458
Pavone by Margherita
Pavone by Margherita Capicola, 5.25 Pound Logs, 2 Logs per Case BEING DISCOUNTINUED BY Q4 2020 90043200100593
Carando by Margherita
Semi-Dry Hot Capicola, 5.9 Pound Log, 1 Log per Case 90076033115335
Classic Hot Capicola, 5.23 Pounds per Log, 3 Logs per Case 90076033115342
Semi-Dry Hot Capicola, Shingled, 40 Slices per Pound, 12 Pounds per Case 90076033115526