From panini to stromboli and more, adding mortadella to a meal gives it a true Italian flair. This classic sausage uniquely crafted with finely ground pork also includes back fat and a special blend of seasonings and spices to give it its distinctive taste. Choose from two varieties of Smithfield Culinary mortadella: with pistachios or without, depending on your specific foodservice applications.

Brand Description GTIN Replacement GTIN
Carando by Margherita
Sliced Mortadella, 1 Pound Packages, 12 Packages per Case 00076033114052
Patrick Cudahy by Smithfield
Pavone by Margherita Mortadella, Half Log, 5 Pound Logs, 2 Logs per Case 90043200183251
Carando by Margherita
Mortadella, 5.6 Pounds per Log, 2 Logs per Case 90076033114239
Mortadella with Pistachios, 5.75 Pounds per Log, 2 Logs per Case 90076033114345