Additional guest-pleasing dried and cured meats include summer sausage, chorizo and hot ham.

Brand Description GTIN Details
La Abuelita
La Abuelita Chorizo, 5 Pound Packages, 2 Packages per Case 10043200154408 View Detail
La Abuelita Chorizo, 22 oz Sticks, 8 Sticks per Case 20043200150285 View Detail
La Abuelita Chorizos, 2.5 Pound Packages, 4 Packages per Case 20043200154412 View Detail
La Abuelita Cantimpalo Chorizo, 3.75 Pound Packages, 2 Packages per Case 90043200110219 View Detail
Sandwich Sized Chorizo, 34 oz per Sausage, 4 Sausages per Case 90076033561729 View Detail