It just isn’t an antipasto platter without the distinctive taste and texture of prosciutto. The Smithfield family of brands offers two versions of this classic slow-aged ham: imported and domestic. Our imported variety is made in Italy in the traditional on-the-bone style and is minimally processed. Our domestic prosciutto is produced from boneless hams, for foodservice operator convenience, and finished with a special spice rub for an authentic Italian-style, old-world flavor.

Brand Description GTIN Details
Sliced Pavone Prosciutto, 1 Pound Packages, 12 Packages per Case 10043200183323 View Detail
Sliced Prosciutto, 1 Pound Packages, 12 Packages per Case 10076033562430 View Detail
Margherita Boneless Half Prosciutto, 4.5 Pounds per Ham, 2 Hams per Case 90038616371828 View Detail
Pavone Boneless Skinless Prosciutto, Half Ham, 5 Pound Hams, 2 Hams per Case 90043200182520 View Detail
Boneless, Skinless Half Prosciutto, 4.45 Pound Average, 2 Hams per Case 90076033117070 View Detail
Imported 400 Day Prosciutto, 12 Pound Ham, 1 Ham per Case 90076033561699 View Detail
Imported Whole Prosciutto Di Parma, 17.64 Pound Leg, 1 Leg per Case 90076033561705 View Detail