The classic comfort food to remind anyone of Mom’s home cooking, roasts from the Smithfield Culinary family of brands are seasoned to perfection before being slow-roasted in the oven. Fully cooked for operator convenience, they deliver a fork-tender delicious taste. Pot roast, bottom round pot roast, brisket, pork loin and center-cut pork loin available.

Brand Description GTIN Replacement GTIN
Farmland by Smithfield
Smoke'N Fast
Smoke’N Fast Roasted & Seared Pork Shoulder, 5 Pounds per Package, 2 Packages per Case, Frozen 00070247405838
John Morrell by Smithfield
Superior Gold
Sliced Beef Pot Roast with Juice, 5 Pounds per Package, 4 Roasts per Case BEING DISCOUNTINUED BY Q4 2020 10070100670646
Premium Black
Seasoned Beef Pot Roast with Onions, Well Done, 5 Pound Roasts, 5 Roasts per Case, Frozen 90070100670017
Superior Gold
Select Bottom Round Pot Roast, Well Done, 17 Pound Roast, 2 Roasts per Case 90070100670604
Curly's by Smithfield
Fully Cooked Beef Chuck Pot Roast, 2.5 Pounds per Package 90704051270025
Fully Cooked Beef Chuck Pot Roast with Onions, 2.5 Pounds per Package 90704051270032
Boneless Beef Steak Ready to Slice, 2.5 Pounds per Package 90704051270278
Fully Cooked Beef Bottom Round Pot Roast, 16 Pounds per Package 90704051770280
Fully Cooked Low Sodium Beef Bottom Round Pot Roast, 14 Pounds per Package BEING DISCOUNTINUED BY Q4 2020 90704051770303
Farmland by Smithfield
Fully Cooked Pork Roast, 17.6 Pounds per Roast, 1 Roast per Case, Frozen 90070247194568