For more than 80 years, Carando by Margherita has delivered the traditional handcrafted Italian meats that operators serve with pride. Carando by Margherita Cooked Cured Deli Meats are made with quality ingredients and are minimally processed for authentic flavor. All of our cooked cured deli meats are gluten free. 
A chisel-boned, natural-juice whole ham coated with zesty black pepper for premium flavor and texture. The same ham used in our Carando by Margherita Prosciutto, this Italian-style Peppered Ham is a favorite among discerning operators. 

Brand Description GTIN Replacement GTIN
Carando by Margherita
Sliced Prosciutto, 1 Pound Packages, 12 Packages per Case 10076033562430
Boneless, Skinless Half Prosciutto, 4.45 Pound Average, 2 Hams per Case 90076033117070
Imported 400 Day Prosciutto, 12 Pound Ham, 1 Ham per Case BEING DISCOUNTINUED BY Q4 2020 90076033561699
Imported Whole Prosciutto Di Parma, 17.64 Pound Leg, 1 Leg per Case 90076033561705