Classic Hard Salami is made from the finest pork and beef cuts, seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and other signature spices, then stuffed into a fibrous casing and dried. It’s a hearty premium salami with a distinctive smoky flavor.  
Available hot or sweet, Venetian Soppressata is made with pork shoulder and seasoned with a blend of cracked peppercorns, fresh garlic and wine. Hand-stuffed in a natural casing for a traditional appearance, this product is unique to Carando.

Brand Description GTIN Details
Hot Venetian-Style Soppressata, 3 Pound Sticks, 4 Sticks per Case 90076033105381 View Detail
Sweet Venetian-Style Soppressata, 2.8 Pound Sticks, 4 Sticks per Case 90076033105435 View Detail
Tuscan-Style Soppressata, 2.25 Pound Sticks, 4 Sticks per Case 90076033561651 View Detail