Legend has it that there was a man so passionate about meat, that when he tried a recipe he liked, the hair on his head would curl up with sheer joy; they called him Curly.  Today, Curly’s by Smithfield meat is still made with that same passion and care.  When you serve Curly’s by Smithfield, you’re serving expertly hand-trimmed meats that are seasoned and cooked in an authentic pit smoker over natural hardwoods for a rich and smoky flavor.  There’s only one thing you need to know about Curly’s by Smithfield: it’s Carnivore Approved. 

Brand Description GTIN Replacement GTIN
Curly's by Smithfield
Fully Cooked Beef Chuck Pot Roast, 2.5 Pounds per Package 90704051270025
Fully Cooked Beef Chuck Pot Roast with Onions, 2.5 Pounds per Package 90704051270032
Boneless Beef Steak Ready to Slice, 2.5 Pounds per Package 90704051270278
Fully Cooked Beef Bottom Round Pot Roast, 16 Pounds per Package 90704051770280
Fully Cooked Low Sodium Beef Bottom Round Pot Roast, 14 Pounds per Package BEING DISCOUNTINUED BY Q4 2020 90704051770303