As the oldest continuing meat operation in the United States, John Morrell has a well-deserved reputation for producing consistent, high-quality meat since 1827.  John Morrell Foodservice has continued to develop and supply the products operators need to improve back of house operations and deliver the flavor and taste appeal that diners demand.
Consumers are looking for more variety in beef and our pot roast may be the ultimate answer for that. John Morrell pot roast is a perfectly versatile, on-trend way to bring new life to tacos, sandwiches and a wide variety of ethnic dishes. It offers the best overall value at a low cost and high quality. With an ease of preparation and consistent great taste, our pot roast provides menu versatility across multiple dayparts

Brand Description GTIN Details
John Morrell
Superior Gold
Sliced Beef Pot Roast with Juice, 5 Pounds per Package, 4 Roasts per Case 10070100670646 View Detail
Premium Black
Seasoned Beef Pot Roast with Onions, Well Done, 5 Pound Roasts, 5 Roasts per Case, Frozen 90070100670017 View Detail
Superior Gold
Select Bottom Round Pot Roast, Well Done, 17 Pound Roast, 2 Roasts per Case 90070100670604 View Detail