John Morrell Smoked Sausage is an American favorite.  The exclusive blend of spices, seasonings, and natural hardwood smoke make them perfect for a range of menu applications, whether in a recipe or served whole on a bun.  Our fully cooked sausages save time and labor, while the vacuum-sealed packages protect flavor and reduce waste. 

Brand Description GTIN Details
John Morrell
Superior Gold
Cocktail Smokees, 50 Smokees per Pound, 10 Pound Case, Frozen 10070100028782 View Detail
Superior Gold
Smoked Skinless Polish Sausage Link, 5 Links per Pound, 10 Pounds per Case, Frozen 10070100029727 View Detail
Standard Red
Smoked Natural Casing Loop Sausage, 2.63 Pound Loops, 4 Loops per Case, Frozen 10070100029741 View Detail