The favorite meat of every sandwich, deli ham is a can’t-miss guest-pleaser. Smithfield offers the deli ham variety to meet any operator’s need with flavors like Black Forest, maple honey, Virginia honey and more. Also available in options for health-conscious consumers.

Description GTIN
Smithfield Premium Deli Sliced Ham, Water Added, .5 oz Slices, 6/2 lb 00070247921468
Smithfield Sliced Ham, Water Added, .84 oz Slices, 6/2 lb 10043200161666
Smithfield Sandwich Solutions Sliced Ham, Smoked, .66 oz Slices, 6/2 lb 10045300300471
Smithfield Thin Sliced Ham, Water Added, 4/3 lb 10070100011272
Smithfield Thin Sliced Boneless Ham, Smoked, Water Added, 4/2.5 lb 10070100047462
Smithfield Cooked Sliced Ham, 5 oz slice, 4/3 lb, Gas-Flushed 10070247129397
Smithfield Sliced Ham, Smoked, Ham and Water Product, .5 oz Slices, 4/3 lb 10070247818598
Smithfield Sliced Virginia Brand Ham, Healthy Ones, .5 oz Slices, 6/2 lb 20030900325884
Smithfield Sliced Ham, Gold Medal, Water Added, 4/6 lb, Vacuum Packed 20070247196365
Smithfield Ham, Gold Medal, Healthy Ones, 2/7.25 lb, Random Weight 90027815307219