Smithfield also offers a variety of other deli meats to fill out your deli menu. Choose from cooked salami, deli bologna and chicken. Also available in options for health-conscious consumers.

Description GTIN
Smithfield Smoke’ N Fast Sliced Prime Rib, Smoked, 10/2 lb, Frozen 10704051300870
Smithfield Smoke’NFast Choice Old-Fashioned Pot Roast, 1/10 lb, Frozen, Random Weight 90046600722150
Smithfield Corned Beef Brisket, 2/14 lb, Frozen, Random Weight 90046600722358
Smithfield Bologna Stick, 2/15 lb, Random Weight 90070100023424
Smithfield Smoke’NFast Angus Beef Pastrami, 4/7.75 lb, Random Weight 90704051770334
Smithfield Bologna Stick, Bronze Medal, 10 lb 10070247821079
Smithfield Cotto Salami, Silver Medal, 10 lb 10070247821093
Smithfield Sliced Bologna, 12/1 lb 10070247821413
Smithfield Cotto Salami, Silver Medal, 12/1 lb, Gas-Flushed 10070247821420
Smithfield Bacon, Gold Medal Sliced Smoked Canadian Bacon, .75 ounce per slice, 6/2 lb, Frozen 10070247821499