Smithfield offers a lip-smacking variety of everyone’s all-year-round favorite BBQ meat: ribs. Our spare ribs are hand-trimmed from the belly of the hog for a rich and meaty classic pork flavor. They’re also available in St. Louis style for uniform shape and size. Meatier back ribs are also available upon request.

Description GTIN
Smithfield Babyback Loinback Ribs, 14/2.25 lb, Frozen, Random Weight, Individually Bagged 90070247201761
Smithfield Square Cut St. Louis Ribs, 11/3.00 lb, Frozen, Random Weight, Individually Bagged 90070247202409
Smithfield Skinned Loinback Ribs, 14/2.917 lb, Frozen, Random Weight 90704051010065
Smithfield Skinned Loinback Ribs, 20/2.25 lb, Frozen, Random Weight 90704051010294
Smithfield St. Louis Style Ribs, 16/2 lb, Frozen, Random Weight 90704051020149
Smithfield Narrow St. Louis Ribs, 31 lb, Frozen, Random Weight 90704051020217
Smithfield St. Louis Rib Pieces, 10 lb, Frozen 00070800220212
Smithfield St. Louis Ribs, 13/2.5 lb, Frozen, Random Weight 90704051020477
Smithfield Danish Style Babyback Ribs, 35/1.1 lb, Frozen, Random Weight, Individually Bagged 90070247204953
Smithfield Loinback Ribs,14-18 oz, 44 lb, Frozen, Random Weight 90704051110017