For back-of-house preparation ease, Smithfield boneless ham has the versatility you want for a variety of applications.

Description GTIN
Smithfield Canadian Bacon, Gold Medal, Water Added, 4/3 lb 10043200160607
Smithfield Boneless Round Breakfast Ham, Silver Medal, Water Added, 2/9 lb, Random Weight 90070247155699
Smithfield Pit Ham, Silver Medal, Smoked, Water Added, 2/12.5 lb, Random Weight 90045300264687
Smithfield Smoked Ham, Gold Medal, 96% Fat Free, Ham & Water Product, 2/10 lb, Random Weight 90070247155941
Smithfield Flat Ham, Bronze Medal, Water Added, 2/11.88 lb, Random Weight 90050100430071
Smithfield Ham, Gold Medal, Water Added, 2/11.5 lb, Random Weight 90070100047833
Smithfield Flat Ham, Bronze Medal, Ham and Water Product, 2/11.6 lb, Random Weight 90070247126286
Smithfield Honey & Brown Sugar Pit Ham, Silver Medal, 2/16 lb, Random Weight 90070247126415
Smithfield Canadian Ham, Gold Medal, 95% Fat Free, 4/3.85 lb, Random Weight 90070247127054
Smithfield Pit Ham, Bronze Medal, Ham and Water Product, 2/15.65 lb, Random Weight 90070247127535