Smithfield's selection of both classic lunch meats and cold cuts are sure to add delicious and unique flavors to all your creations that your customers will be sure to love.

Brand Description GTIN Replacement GTIN
Smithfield Premium Deli Sliced Ham, Water Added, .5 oz Slices, 6/2 lb 00070247921468
Smithfield Sliced Ham, Water Added, .84 oz Slices, 6/2 lb 10043200161666
Smithfield Sandwich Solutions Sliced Ham, Smoked, .66 oz Slices, 6/2 lb 10045300300471
Smithfield Thin Sliced Ham, Water Added, 4/3 lb 10070100011272
Smithfield Thin Sliced Boneless Ham, Smoked, Water Added, 4/2.5 lb 10070100047462
Smithfield Cooked Sliced Ham, 5 oz slice, 4/3 lb, Gas-Flushed 10070247129397
Smithfield Sliced Ham, Smoked, Ham and Water Product, .5 oz Slices, 4/3 lb 10070247818598
Smithfield Sliced Ham, Gold Medal, Water Added, 4/6 lb, Vacuum Packed 20070247196365
Smithfield Ham, Gold Medal, Healthy Ones, 2/7.25 lb, Random Weight 90027815307219
Smithfield Sliced Low Sodium Ham, Smoked, Water Added, .5 oz Slices, 4/3 lb, Gas-Flushed 10070247821611