Smithfield's selection of both classic lunch meats and cold cuts are sure to add delicious and unique flavors to all your creations that your customers will be sure to love.

Brand Description GTIN Replacement GTIN
Smithfield Smoke’NFast Sliced Roast Beef, 6/2 lb, Frozen 10704051300276
Smithfield Sliced Roast Beef, Healthy Ones, .5 oz Slices, 6/2 lb 20030900325914
Smithfield Smoke’NFast Sliced Roast Beef, All Natural, 8/2.5 lb, Frozen 10704051300122
Smithfield Smoke’NFast Black Angus Cap-Off Top Round, Medium Rare, 2/6.5 lb, Random Weight 90046600722235
Smithfield Smoke’NFast Angus Roast Beef Bottom Round, 4/7.75 lb, Random Weight 90704051770235
Smithfield Smoke’NFast Roast Beef, All Natural, 2/8 lb, Frozen, Random Weight 90704051770259