Smithfield Smoke'Nfast adds authentic BBQ to your menu without the hassle. Whether it's fall-off-the-bone ribs, slow cooked beef brisket, pot roast, or pulled meats, Smithfield Smoke'Nfast has you covered.

Brand Description GTIN Replacement GTIN
Smithfield Smoke’NFast Mini KC Wild Wings, 2/5 lb, Frozen 00070247194558
Smithfield Smoke’NFast Chicken, Roasted and Seared, 2/5 lb, Frozen 00070247405906
Smithfield Smoke’NFast KC Wild Wings, 3/3 lb, Frozen 10070247192124
Smithfield Smoke’NFast Pork Osso Bucco, Fully Cooked, 6/3 lb, Frozen 10070247192476
Smithfield Pork Skins, Rendered, 25 lb 10070800080547
Smithfield Pork Skins, Rendered, 15 lb 10070800805508
Smithfield Smoke’NFast Sliced Beef, Isolated Soy Protein, 6/2 lb 10704051325910
Smithfield Brisket Bone, 30 lb, Frozen 00070800216451
James River BBQ Sauce, 4/1 Gallon 10070800205018
Smithfield Smoke’NFast Shredded Beef Brisket, Smoked, 20/1.5 lb, Frozen 10704051287157