Visits to convenience stores are on the increase. More and more consumers are eating on the run, and looking for fast, yet delicious choices to satisfy their cravings. According to the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), a full 68% of c-store operators reported an increase in foodservice sales in 2018 from the previous year. The number of consumers who are using c-stores on almost a daily basis is growing rapidly. The average consumer will visit and purchase items 2-6 days per week at a c-store. What’s more, an incredible 80% of males use c-stores once a week or more, as well as 68% of females.1 For these customers, high food quality and taste, food variety and good prices are among the top purchase drivers at c-stores.

From meals to snacks, Smithfield Culinary offers the quality and variety to help convenience stores attract more customers. We offer a comprehensive line of quality convenience store-friendly products that are perfect for every taste and daypart.

According to Technomic, C-store Marketbrief, Q4 2018, other convenience store trends include:

• 82% of millennials use c-stores once a week or more, compared with 76% of Gen Zers.

• Since 2017, c-store customers making foodservice purchases have risen. 52% purchase foodservice food, while 47% purchase retail food.

• 72% of those increasing their c-store foodservice purchases are decreasing their fast-food purchase.

Smithfield Culinary offers a comprehensive line of quality convenience store–friendly products that are perfect for every taste and daypart. Below, we outline the top product categories that are key to convenience store success.

Keeping Business Rollin’

A convenience store staple, the roller grill is the workhorse of a c-store operation. An estimated 87% of c-stores already have a roller grill, and roller grill items are most likely to be purchased as a snack (64%), followed by lunch (57%).2 Aside from pizza, consumers are more likely to purchase a hot dog than any other c-store prepared food item, and 21% indicated they purchased a hot dog on their last c-store visit.3 Smithfield Culinary offers the variety of roller grill products to satisfy your customers’ cravings.

Sandwich Versatility

Up to 45% of consumers ages 18-35 say that offering breakfast sandwiches/wraps/burritos is important or extremely important.4 As lifestyles evolve and more people eat away from home, breakfast sandwiches have quickly become one of the fastest-growing prepared food items with popular proteins like bacon, ham, and sausage. Smithfield Culinary also offers an unparalleled variety of all-day sandwich proteins, such as turkey, ham, roast beef, genoa salami, pepperoni, and much more.

Top Off Your Pizzas

Pizza and convenience stores are a natural twosome. Research shows that 28% of c-store customers purchase pizza from c-stores – the highest among any c-store prepared food item.5 Smithfield Culinary has just the toppings you need to turn your store into your local pizzeria like: pepperoni, pre-cooked bacon, Italian sausage, ham, and more.

Quick Meal Solutions

With today’s busy lifestyles, consumers are increasingly looking for meal solutions that are quick yet satisfying. Grab ‘n’ go foodservice items are among the top purchased items at convenience stores. Smithfield Culinary also offers a variety of convenient choices for your refrigerated section, which can also be merchandised in your grab ‘n’ go hot case.

Smithfield Culinary can help you build exciting, handheld menus that stand out from the crowd. From insights and ideas, to recipes and an extensive portfolio of fresh and pre-cooked products, Smithfield Culinary everything you need to make your menu the choice worth customers’ getting their hands on.

For your operation’s every foodservice need, Smithfield Culinary can provide the conveniently delicious products you need to cater to the cravings of your on-the-go customers.

Smithfield Culinary also offers several options for those consumers looking for convenient meal options to prepare at home. These offerings will satisfy their cravings with high quality ingredients and on-trend flavors like: Curly’s by Smithfield® BBQ Pulled Pork & Chicken, Armour by Smithfield® Meatballs, Smithfield Culinary® Breakfast Sandwiches, and Eckrich by Smithfield® Smoked Sausage.

Smithfield Culinary’s variety of packaged meats are ideally suited to satisfy your consumers’ last-minute breakfast and lunch cravings. In addition, our retail packaged meats fulfill your store’s EBT/SNAP needs.

For questions or more information on our convenience store offerings, call 844-673-2668, visit Smithfield or send us an email at CstoreSolutions@Smithfield 

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