Inspiring irresistible dishes to bring ’em back again and again.

From quick serve to full serve, Smithfield Culinary builds your business with the customer-pleasing options you need.

No matter what kind of an operation you run, Smithfield Culinary has what you need to attract new customers and
bring back regulars again and again. From an extensive portfolio of fresh options to create the signature favorites
your patrons love, to a tasty variety of convenient ready-to-heat-and-serve choices to save BOH time and labor.


According to Technomic, QSR customers are constantly on the lookout for low-priced meals that offer substantial portions at a competitive price. In addition, they look for a variety of choices and the ability to customize their meals.

Top Purchase Drivers:1

Value 63%

Portable and Easy to
Eat on the Go 54%

Low Prices 54%

Able to be Prepared
Quickly 52%

Suggestions from Smithfield Culinary:
Breakfast Sausage Burger
Ham and Egg Breakfast Burrito
Smoked Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

LSRs attract many customers with unique limited-time offers. Indian, Middle Eastern, regional African and Philippine cuisines are all making an impact on LSR the scene.2

Top Purchase Drivers:2

Reasonably Priced 61%

Located 57%

Craving a Specific
Menu Item 43%

Consumers are likely to seek indulgent breakfast classics when they visit LSRs. A full 50% crave bacon, while 44% crave sausage.2

Suggestions from Smithfield Culinary:
To meet your customers’ cravings, here are some sweet and savory flavors that they will enjoy.

Sweet Indulgences:
Maple Bacon Waffles with Lingonberry Syrup & Orange-Pecan Butter
Maple Bacon French Toast Sandwich
Bacon Waffles with Maple Sausage Gravy

Savory Indulgences:
Breakfast Carbonara
Sweet Potato Hash with Smoked Sausage
Breakfast Sausage and Pork Loin Muffin

A full 49% of consumers visit family-style restaurants at least once a month. In addition, 42% of traditional casual dining restaurant consumers cite food taste as a loyalty driver, according to Technomic.

Top Purchase Drivers:3

Priced Menu

Table Service, rather than
counter service 58%

Full Bar 14%

Suggestions from Smithfield Culinary:
Almost half of consumers visit FSRs at least once a month. To help satisfy their family’s
needs, here are some family-centered meals that are tasty and can be enjoyed by all.

BBQ Country Ribs
• Crispy Pepperoni & Egg Breakfast Pizza
Pork Carnita Tamales

3. Technomic, Consumer Trend Reports US, Future of FSR, 2018