In an effort to stay on top of trends and deliver relevant products and information to the foodservice community, Smithfield Culinary works closely with chef-focused groups to help formulate our insights and food product development.

Consisting of five celebrated chefs with differing styles and from a variety of foodservice segments, the Smithfield Culinary Advisory Board provides a holistic representation of what is current in the industry. The chefs were chosen not only for their culinary excellence and expertise, but also for their passion for food. The Advisory Board works with us to unearth out-of-the-box thinking on applications and insights into how our products can be more effectively delivered to the chef community.


Innovation labs are another valuable resource for gathering information to fulfill specific objectives. Once a new objective is determined, such as identifying new ways to add ethnic flair to a particular protein, we then invite a team of renowned chefs from across the country to gather for hands-on sessions.