Asian-Latin fusion is a hot trend in restaurants across the country, and chefs are featuring pork as the star protein in these dishes. Although it may be surprising to some, these two cuisines have many similarities, making them the perfect pairing for a fusion. Pantry staples such as chiles for heat, tamarind and coconut for savory and sweet dishes, and coriander and cilantro are prominent ingredients in both Southeast Asian and Mexican cooking.1

Fusion cuisines focus on using chiles, garlic, citrus fruits, tropical fruits, herbs and other spices to create flavor profiles from both sides, creating the perfect balance of the two cuisines. Herbs and spices aren’t the only similarities Asian and Mexican cuisines have; pork is heavily highlighted in both East and West cultures.2

Pork is used as a filling in many dishes on both sides, such as dumplings and empanadas. But these cuisines don’t just use pork as a filler; pork is also utilized as a center-of-plate option, featuring short ribs, spare ribs and pork belly. The versatility of pork lends itself to being the perfect protein to use in fusion cuisines.

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