Breakfast bowls are big. And incorporating an ethnic flair to them can be especially appealing to adventurous diners. Bowls are perfectly suited for versatility with the combination of breakfast favorites, global ingredients, spices and sauces. Not only can they deliver a variety of delicious flavors, but are also a simple, easy-to-enjoy breakfast that are sure to boost trial and profits for restaurants.

Consumers are becoming increasingly adventurous when it comes to dining, and breakfast is no exception. Younger, diverse generations are influencing the demand for ethnic breakfast items. More specifically, about 51% of Millennials indicated they would like to see more ethnic items and flavors offered at breakfast (Technomic Menu Trends, 2017). Now more than ever, consumers are craving flavor.

Breakfast Bowls are continuing to grow in popularity and these dishes can help restaurant operators expand their menu with options that are fun, approachable and perceived as a healthier choice.

Chef Thomas Kim of The Rabbit Hole in Minneapolis, MN explains that with this type of dish, there are endless combinations. “Bowls take off the constraints of a plate. With a bowl you can make it noodle based, rice based, soup based, etc. Globally, people don’t just eat eggs and hash browns for breakfast. Removing limitations is a great thing.”

As ethnic breakfast evolves, so do the proteins used in the breakfast daypart. In general, pork is a great protein to star in breakfast dishes as we expand beyond the traditional American breakfast. Chef Jaysen Euler, Executive Chef at Pizza Parlor in Chicago, IL, explains “Pork is very versatile; it can be used in a number of ethnic varieties.”

From the breakfast classics, bacon sausage and ham, to fresh meats and fully cooked meats, any of these proteins can be incorporated into an ethnic dish.