Rubbed, sauced or smoked any way you like, Smithfield Fresh Pork is as unique and versatile as you are. Be creative.


Dry Rubs

Use premixed seasoning like taco, Cajun, BBQ, Chinese or make your own blend with flavors like lemon, dill, mustard or pepper.


Make your own or use one that is pre-made, or just add a couple of ingredients to a pre-made sauce to make it your own signature.


Give a unique flavor to pork by adding mesquite, grapevine, applewood or other fruitwood to the smoker.


Other Ideas

Give your Smithfield pork roasts an international flair by rolling in special Mexican, Indian or Asian seasoning blends or sauces before baking.

Slice roasts thin for sandwiches, or serve it center of the plate with a Cajun cream sauce or portabello mushroom wine sauce.

Ham roasts and pork butts can be diced and used for carnitas or barbecue sandwiches.