Smithfield Platinum Log Smoked Bacon ramps up any recipe and brings guests back again and again. Slow-smoked for 12 hours over real, full-size Applewood logs, this bacon is quite simply an exceptional product. Smoking over the full bark and core delivers a deeper, richer, more ashy campfire flavor profile. The slightly sweeter taste mingles with the extra smoky flavor to deliver a tantalizing flavor combination.

Real Applewood Logs – Slow smoked for 12 hours, this bacon has an authentic campfire taste that will leave your guests craving more.

Premium Belly Cuts – Smithfield Log Smoked Bacon is thick-sliced from hand-trimmed, center-cut bellies. The bacon is packed single-sliced, guaranteed to make any preparation easier.

Perfect for the Superior Dish – The deep, rich, flavor adds a bold accent to any dish, whether serving as a topping on a pizza, or the hero in a burger. The Platinum bacon’s thick cut even allows it to stand alone in place of bread or crackers in appetizers, or for shared plates.

Shipped Fresh – Smithfield Log Smoked Bacon is never frozen to preserve peak flavor. Our gas flush preserves freshness, allowing you to deliver superior flavor longer.