BBQ is as popular as ever, and global cuisine is becoming an on-trend sensation. By simply putting a global twist on the American classic, operators can create additional excitement and attract new consumers.

BBQ operators have taken notice of this trend and are quickly adding more exotic tastes to complement their standard fare. But they’re not the only ones taking advantage of this opportunity, because more and more non-BBQ operators are also using authentic, trending global flavors and cuisines to create BBQ items that will make consumers want to come back for more.

In fact, according to Technomic’s BBQ Is on Fire Report, 53% of operators are increasing global offerings because more consumers are asking for them. Not only is it important to act upon more prevalent ethnic cuisines, such as Chinese, Mexican or Italian, but simple fusions of more exotic, less familiar cuisines with classic BBQ favorites can also make globally inspired menus approachable for the everyday diner.

For existing BBQ operators, fresh pork is a great protein option, due to its great flavor and versatility. So BBQ operators can easily diversify their menus by creating delicious, on-trend global BBQ choices that take customers on a global adventure. For example, they can create diversified BBQ menus with globally inspired rubs that transform existing menu offerings into more exotic ones and serve as an LTO.

But lack of a smoker shouldn’t stop non-BBQ restaurants from capitalizing on global BBQ. With more and more fully cooked products available to them, they can turn up their creativity and offer global flavors simply by incorporating ethnic sauces or ingredients like gochujang, togarashi, sesame or chimichurri before or after the heating process.

Smithfield Culinary is a leading go-to source for all operators looking to take advantage of this rapidly growing trend. Besides Smithfield Culinary’s extensive portfolio of fresh pork and other meats, it also offers a wide variety of juicy and delicious fully cooked pork, chicken and beef products that offer nearly 100% yield and that save time and labor.

From the high-end Smithfield line of fresh pork, to the more approachable commodity pork, to its fully cooked line, Smithfield Culinary has the right options to suit the needs of any operator. This unparalleled variety of products allows Smithfield Culinary to offer operators the versatility they need to diversify their menus with delicious, on-trend global BBQ choices and give them a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

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