Why stop at lunch and dinner?
Craving smoky goodness is an all-day affair for many BBQ lovers.

Smoke-infused applications are showing up all over menus, from breakfast to late night. With people craving more protein throughout the day, smoke, with a distinctive flavor profile is a perfect addition to expand menu appeal in every daypart.

Smithfield Culinary offers you the products and insights you need to add a variety of smoked items to your menu. For more information, contact your Smithfield Culinary representative or call 888-327-6526.

Breakfast Sandwiches1

Sandwiches, a growing breakfast favorite, represent an application that is very easy to enhance with smoke.
Some meats to add as an ingredient include:

On 71% of U.S. menus,
with a 3% 4-year growth.
On 59.9% of U.S. menus.
On 51% of U.S. menus.
Pulled Pork:
On 19.6% of U.S. menus,
with a 4.6% 4-year growth.
On 12.7% of U.S. menus,
with a 23.3% 4-year growth.
Smoked Sausage:
On 3% of U.S. menus,
with a 25.8% 4-year growth.


Skillets typically include meat. Elevate your skillets and more with smoked meats.

On 8.3% of U.S. menus, with a 17.2% 4-year growth

Starters, Small Plates and Sides3

Customers are demanding that more unique and bolder flavors and ingredients be added to their small plates and appetizers,
and smoke fits the bill perfectly. Shareables also allow for consumers
to try new things without the risk of ordering a full entrée.

38% of customers...

are more willing to try a new flavor or ingredient than in an appetizer than an entrée.
Finally, when they snack, consumers prefer savory tastes, which can and should include protein.

Pairing Unique Ingredients with Smoke

Add intrigue by pairing smoky meats with unique ingredients that are surprising and not often used together.
Some examples from some of the top chefs include:

Nick Karoly’s Smoked Brisket Biscuit with Pimento Cheese and Black Garlic
Sam Barron’s Smoked Brisket and Charred Radicchio Baguette with Arugula and Mascarpone
Travis Johnson’s Chicken and Waffles with Bourbon and Maple Syrup
Duce Raymond’s Korean BBQ Beef Sandwich with Sweet Chili Slaw, Gochujang and Thai Chili Sauce
Nick Karoly’s Thai Peanut KC Wild Wings with Green Papaya and Fish Sauce
Eddie Wilson’s Al Pastor Taco with Mexican Oregano and Ancho Peppers

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