When, where & what are today’s on-the-go breakfast lovers craving? Smithfield Culinary takes a closer look!

As consumer behavior evolves and more people eat away from home, operators are expanding their menus with options that can be enjoyed exactly how people want to enjoy them. Let Smithfield Culinary be your guide to the behaviors guiding today’s consumers.

In addition to offering the broadest portfolio of fresh pork and fully cooked meats in the industry, we can offer the ideas and information you need to attract grab ’n’ go appetites. Below you’ll find valuable insights to turn heads and increase profitability.

Changing times: The New Definition of Breakfast:2

44% of consumers define it by the type of food
56% of consumers define it by time of day

Breakfast Moves Beyond Mornings:3

overall say they like eating breakfast other than in the morning.

like eating breakfast foods at lunch.

like eating breakfast foods at dinner.

of breakfast lovers order breakfast from foodservice operators at least once per week.

Almost 1/4
of consumers say they skip breakfast during the week because they don’t have time.

That’s why it’s important to make Good-To-Go options readily available to your customers.

If it’s not there, they can’t eat it!

What Makes a Better Breakfast TO CONSUMERS:4

Value – 69%

High-quality – 67%

Filling – 64%

Portable – 45%

Younger consumers are willing to spend more at breakfast than older ones:5

Younger $8.90 vs. Older $7.10

Coffee Cafés
Younger $8 vs. Older $6.60

Fast Casual
Younger $9.90 vs. Older $9.60

Corn Grit Chicken Waffle

Keep Grabbing their Attention!

of consumers indicate they like to try new dishes
and new flavors from time to time.6

Smithfield can help you create a fresh, head-turning menu of Good-To-Go options to keep your customers coming back for more.
Check out the latest revealing videos from our renowned group of chefs, as well as our extensive collection of irresistible recipes.

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