Inspiring customer satisfaction no matter where they crave.

Smithfield Culinary delivers the products and insights to build business for every segment.

No matter where your customers enjoy their meals, Smithfield Culinary can help you make their experience even more enjoyable. We have the extensive product portfolio to cater to every segment. For detailed information on our complete product portfolio, contact your Smithfield Culinary representative or call 888-327-6526.

Smithfield Culinary serves the foodservice needs of the following segments:


Smithfield Culinary knows that visiting guests expect certain comforts to make them feel at home. While we offer products for every daypart, breakfasts are of particular importance to lodging guests. That’s why we cater to them with traditional hotel breakfast offerings that are both easy to prepare and easy to eat.

We also provide plant-based protein options for your health-conscious guests.


There is nothing like a break from the meetings of a long day. And that’s when a terrific selection of delicious foods can come to the rescue. At Smithfield Culinary, we can provide your business events with delicious choices that are both convenient and satisfying.

Deli MeatsFresh PorkSmoked Meats

We can also provide a selection of other items unique to the tastes of your customers.


Healthcare foodservice has many people to please. Not only does each patient have his or her own specific nutritional needs, but guests are also looking for a quick meal during their visits with loved ones. Smithfield Culinary is proud to offer the variety of healthier products your facility needs. For more information, visit Healthcare Foodservice.

Low Sodium Beef Bottom Pot RoastLow Sodium Bone-In Ham Steaks
Low Sodium Bacon • And many more.


Feeding hearty meals to hungry military professionals keeps them fueled throughout the day! Smithfield Culinary is proud to supply a wide-variety of fresh pork options, as well as our line of convenient ready-to-heat-and-eat choices, to satisfy any big craving.

Fresh Pork options (pork butt, pork chops, ribs, loins, etc.)
Hams (chopped, boneless, spiral, steaks, etc.)
Fully Cooked & Smoked (roasts, pulled meats, smoked sausage, etc.)