Farmland by Smithfield bacon is made from exclusively corn-fed Midwestern hogs, processed with the same passion and care Farmland by Smithfield has been delivering since 1959. The bellies are hand-trimmed for consistent sizing, injected with a special Farmland by Smithfield cure, and hardwood-smoked for a minimum of four hours for a true bacon flavor. The cured bellies are sliced with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure consistent slice thickness and pack count for superior portion control.

Always Fresh – At Farmland by Smithfield, we never freeze our bellies. Keeping them fresh improves the flavor, and allows the bellies to cure and slice more evenly, allowing you to deliver a better product on every plate.

Real Smoke – Our bellies are smoked using real hardwood chips, never liquid smoke. This delivers a real bacon taste, and guarantees your guests will never experience the aftertaste that artificial smoke can leave behind.

Value Graded – Farmland by Smithfield Bacon is graded on three value tiers, giving you the flexibility to make the optimal choice for your price point and profitability. Our bacon also comes in three sl