Farmland by Smithfield Chop Shop offers chops with the quality and taste that will bring your customers back again and again. Cut from corn-fed, Midwestern hogs, our chops are cut from lean pork and trimmed to perfection for consistency and amazing taste, letting you serve your guests with pride.

Gold Medal – Farmland by Smithfield Gold Medal cuts represent the very best, top-of-the-line, center cut chops that offer more, delicious meat, and less bone. Gold Medal Chops are guaranteed to have no more than 3 ¼ inch scribe, and have the chine bone clipped, allowing you to have less waste, better portion control, and greater profits.

Silver Medal – Farmland by Smithfield Silver Medal Chops are also center-cut, but have slightly more bone left on to provide a more economical option. The scribe can be up to ¼ inch, and the chine bone is left on.