Ham is more than just a holiday staple—it’s an every-day superstar, especially when it’s Farmland by Smithfield. Our focus has always been on making the absolute best hams on the market. The proof is in the process; our hams are hand-selected, meticulously trimmed, and always smoked fresh to provide a memorable meal experience at each bite.

Passion for Pork – Farmland by Smithfield has been producing superior pork products since 1959, and our hams are a perfect example. Our hams are hand trimmed to ensure the flavor stays with the ham, and are inspected by quality-assurance experts to guarantee the best quality each time.

A Better Process – Perfection can’t be rushed. Farmland by Smithfield Hams are slow-smoked for a minimum of 5 hours using real hickory chips to ensure a rich mahogany color and deep aroma. That smoking process, coupled with our signature cure and pure honey flavor, creates an unforgettable ham each time.