As America’s snacking obsession continues, operators are creating options that allow consumers not only to snack, but also to get their protein requirement at the same time. Adding meat to snacks creates a deliciously hearty quick fix that fills the void that skipping meals creates. These smaller “bites” simply serve up the desired amount of protein in nontraditional applications. Consider that:

“34% of consumers are eating healthier snacks than they were 2 years ago.” 1

“52% of consumers find high-protein snacks appealing.” 1

Chicken has long been promoted as a snack in foodservice, in diverse items like skewers, tacos and tenders. Research shows that with more than half of consumers (52%) finding high-protein snacks appealing, operators are expected to start finding more ways to offer protein snacks beyond chicken. 1 Therefore, pork, especially lean cuts like tenderloin and pork butt, has also found ways into a wide variety of snack items, including empanadas, pulled pork sliders, nachos, dumplings and much more.

“32% of consumers would like restaurants to offer more ethnically inspired pork options, and 29% of consumers would like restaurants to offer a wider variety of pork handheld options on the menu.” 2

 One way to expand their snacking menus that has been embraced by operators is by adding an ethnic flair to traditional snack items. By adding interesting sauces and spices, differing the types of applications, and creating eye-catching names for items, they’re adding just enough ethnic influence to intrigue consumers who want to try different tastes, while not intimidating them by offering something too unusual. Thus, the latest influx of items like baos, kebabs, satays, kolaches and more.

“59% of consumers 18-34 who eat a snack at least 1x a month and 45% of consumers would like to see more restaurants offer options with ethnic ingredients and flavors.” 3

Ethnically inspired snacks and small plates diversify your menu and take customers on a global adventure. Smithfield Culinary’s extensive portfolio of ready-to-heat, ready-to-eat products offers everything you need to help you create unique new menu choices. Items include:

    • Margherita® Dried & Cured Meats – Salami, pepperoni, mortadella and more, made from premium cuts of pork and beef, dried and aged in the old-world tradition.
    • Healthy Ones Deli Meats – Turkey breast, chicken breast, ham and roast beef deli meats cooked in natural juices with no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Healthy Ones provides the flavor health-conscious guests love.
    • Smoke’NFast®– Products include fully cooked or hardwood-smoked proteins, such as ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, brisket and our innovative KC Wild Wings. They also include global flavors such as barbacoa and carnitas, authentically slow-cooked to perfection.
    • Smithfield®CarveMaster Ham and deli ham available for sandwiches, sliders, pizza and more. Ham is growing in popularity in a variety of on-trend and ethnic applications. Smithfield Culinary has the ham variety – from cooked to smoked, and in a variety of sizes and forms – for all application needs.

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