More and more consumers are seeking ways to satisfy their cravings on the go. But as much as they want foods fast, they also demand foods that are great-tasting and satisfying.

That’s why the roller grill is right up there with apple pie as an American icon. Where else can you walk right up and, in seconds, walk away with something deliciously satisfying that’s fast and fun. And, increasingly, unique and on-trend. The roller grill is truly the workhorse of convenience store operations.

Consider that:
  Consumers are more likely to purchase a hot dog than any other c-store prepared food item aside from pizza.1
  24% purchase roller grill items from c-stores on a monthly basis.1
  31% of consumers are most interested in purchasing hot dogs from a c-store.2
  Ready-to-go and serve-yourself foods and snacks are the preferred type of foodservice when consumers shop at a convenience store.2

You can make your roller grill offerings irresistible with an eye-catching variety of fun favorites from Smithfield Culinary. From hot dogs, to specialty smoked sausage, to innovative grill items made from fresh pork or our line of ready-to-heat options, Smithfield Culinary offers the variety of roller products to satisfy your customers’ cravings.

What Consumers Expect from Convenience Stores

It may come as no surprise, but consumers who buy grab ‘n’ go food are generally on the go at the time. About 64% of roller grill customers purchase grilled items for a portable snack and on-the-go occasions. 3 What’s more, according to a December 2018 poll of 750 consumers, Datassential’s TrendSpotting Trend Report noted that they preferred foods from c-stores that can be easily consumed in a car while driving.

When it comes to roller grill offerings, consumer interest is also evolving beyond the staple hot dogs and brats to include all-day meals and snacking options, including popular ethnic options, such as egg rolls, tamales and ethnic sausages. Given the growing demand for ethnic options and new flavors, there is an operator opportunity to grow Asian and Mexican food sales in the c-store channel within the roller grill space.

Given the increase in consumers’ interest in on-the-go items, offering a variety of roller grill choices gives operators a competitive advantage that allows them to increase traffic and build business. When it comes to protein selections, Smithfield Culinary offers the variety of roller grill products that can satisfy your customers’ cravings, such as franks, smoked sausages and LTO roller grill innovations.

Make Smithfield Culinary your first stop for your all your convenience store needs. We offer the options to satisfy your customers’ cravings, hot or cold, on-the-go or take-home, and any time of day or night.

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