Consumers are snacking more and more. And operators are seeking more unique and unusual choices to turn their heads.

Snacking is on the move. All over the world, in fact, with stops in Asia, South America, Europe, the Middle East and more. And it’s bringing back tastes that are exciting snack lovers everywhere. As more adventurous eating also gains in popularity, more and more operators are offering creative mash-ups of familiar snacking favorites with exotic spices, sauces and preparations. And with a naturally neutral flavor, pork is the perfect canvas to unleash the creativity of chefs. These fusions create menu excitement with their scaled-down size yet big-time satisfaction.

Let Smithfield Culinary help you build your global snacking business with everything you need to attract today’s snack-happy customers. On the following pages, we’ll share recipes, videos from renowned chefs, consumer insights, trends and more.

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