Understanding today’s adventurous snack lovers is key to satisfying their snacking desires. And Smithfield Culinary can help!

With the exploding popularity of ethnically influenced foods, it’s no surprise that snacking is an important part of the trend. Snacks are smaller.
Snacks are convenient. Snacks are profitable. And that’s why operators are rushing to offer up options that today’s snack lovers crave.

Smithfield Culinary is the global snacking expert. In addition to the broadest portfolio of fresh pork and fully cooked meats in the industry, we can offer the ideas and information you need to attract adventurous snack lovers. Below you’ll find valuable insights into today’s evolving snacking consumer.

Just who are these global snackers?

From very young to very old, everybody snacks. But younger consumers, typically between 18 and 34, tend to follow less traditional eating patterns and are more open to snacking. For them, snacking is a food solution that can replace a meal and also can meet their needs and cravings whenever they arise.

Snacking also provides an opportunity to experiment with new and ethnic flavors, without committing the time and cost of a full meal. And with today’s growing focus on global flavors, offering adventurous, unique or healthy tastes can help drive snacking occasions.

The Facts on Snacks:

44% of consumers
would purchase more healthful snacks if unique flavors were available.

32% are more likely
to order new or unique items as a snack than as a full meal.

21% are more likely
to order ethnic items as a snack than as a full meal.

Today’s Leading Snack Proteins:

Pork Protein Facts1:

24% of consumers
eat pork as a snack.

32% of consumers
would like restaurants to offer more ethnically inspired pork options.

29% of consumers
would like restaurants to offer a wider variety of pork handheld options on the menu.

Soy Glazed Takatori

Chicken Protein Facts2:

20% of consumers
eat chicken as a snack.

59% of consumers
ages 18-34 say they eat chicken for a snack at least once a month.

45% of consumers
would like to see more restaurants offer chicken options with ethnic ingredients and flavors.

Smokin' Green Chicken Wings

Snacking happens when it happens:

Because consumers tend to be more pressed for time at breakfast and lunch, these are the meals that are most expendable and tend to be replaced by a snack. This isn’t necessarily considered to be unhealthy though, with 66% of consumers saying that they at least somewhat agree that having a snack instead of a meal can be part of a healthy diet.


of consumers have three meals a day with a few snacks in between.


usually skip or replace one meal per day with snacks.


usually skip or replace two meals per day with snacks.

26% of consumers

75% of consumers

42% of consumers

Late Night
27% of consumers

Snacks are available just about anywhere:

When you’re talking snacks, you’re talking a food item that’s pretty much available anywhere you turn.

Fast Food Burger Restaurants
44% (50% 18-34)

Other Fast Food
27% (32% 18-34)

Other Fast Casual
11% (19% 18-34)

Coffee Cafés
38% (45% 18-34)

Grocery Stores
38% (45% 18-34)

39% (42% 18-34)

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