• Fried Pepperoni
  • 1½ cups house marinara
  • 1 cup shredded mozzarella
  • Sliced black olives, to taste
  • Sliced pickled jalapeños, to taste
  • 2 oz ricotta, in piping bag with star tip
  • Fresh basil, chiffonade

Fried Pepperoni:

  • 2 quarts oil for frying
  • 40 Margherita Cup N’ Char Pepperoni 
  • 2 cups hot sauce
  • 4 cups all-purpose flour
  • Salt, to taste





Meal Course:

Special Occasion

Dish Type:



  1. On shallow plate or bowl, scatter Fried Pepperoni, and top with marinara.
  2. Sprinkle cheese over pepperoni, and place in hot oven or broiler to melt.
  3. Once cheese has been melted, remove from oven, and sprinkle with olives and jalapeños.
  4. Pipe ricotta artistically around nachos, and finish with fresh basil.

Fried Pepperoni:

  1. Heat frying oil to 360°F.
  2. Place pepperoni in hot sauce.
  3. Remove pepperoni one at a time, dredge in flour, and set on parchment-lined tray. 
  4. Fry pepperoni in oil  2 at a time, until brown, and season with salt immediately. Keep warm until all have been fried and seasoned.