BBQ has a delicious variety of styles. Beer has a refreshing variety of styles. A perfect marriage of the two can be culinary ecstasy for both BBQ and beer lovers—especially if selected by an expert brewmaster. So Smithfield asked Jared Rouben of Chicago’s Moody Tongue Brewing Company to suggest some tasty twosomes.

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Beer Pairings with BBQ

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Asian BBQ

The Mandarin orange flavor profile often found in a Belgian Witbier allows the citrus to cool the palate from the intense flavors of garlic, ginger, Szechuan pepper and soy often showcased in Asian BBQ sauces.

Carolina BBQ

The light body of an American Pilsner, highlighted by the sweetness from the beer’s grain profile, complements the sour notes in Carolina vinegar sauces without overshadowing the smoke flavors found in the pork.

Alabama BBQ

Pulled pork reigns supreme in the Deep South BBQ pits of Alabama. Keep pulled pork palates refreshed with light adjunct lagers made with corn and rice. The lighter style of these beers also allows subtleties of the smoke in the pork to shine in dishes.

Memphis BBQ

APAs typically showcase a tropical fruit bitterness that balances with both sour notes from vinegar sauces and sweetness from coleslaws introduced in Memphis-style pork dishes such as pulled pork sandwiches.

Latin BBQ

Often celebrated on Latin American BBQ menus, grilled meats like pork chops begin to caramelize when introduced to the grill, as evidenced by grill marks. A protein like this demands a beer with equal body and similar caramel flavors, such as those found in an Amber Ale.

Kansas City BBQ

Sweet Kansas City tomato- and molasses-based BBQ sauce would pair well with the complementary sweet notes found in Bock beers. A light- to medium-bodied Bock beer would balance the residual sugars found in this sauce without overwhelming the palate.