How Creative Menuing can make a delicious difference in attracting adventurous breakfast lovers.

As the breakfast boom continues booming in all dayparts, operators are finding new and unique ways of grabbing their customer’s attention. One is adding a global influence to their menus. In the age of sharing every meal on social media, younger diners especially are becoming more adventurous and eager to sample new tastes. The key is to make these new items approachable, and not intimidating by creating items too extreme for your customer’s tastes.

Creative breakfast menuing is one success-proven strategy to turn people’s heads to more exotic offerings without turning them off with unknown ingredients or applications. Smithfield Culinary offers the following methods to practice effective creative menuing. Our extensive variety of the Big 3 classics, bacon, ham and sausage, together with worldwide spices and cooking influences, can create a menu of global choices to attract and satisfy your guests. Call your Smithfield Culinary sales representative for business-building insights and ideas today.

"You can put carnitas and eggs as an item on your menu and then explain your ethnic twist in the description." Marc Djozlija, Wright & Co., Detroit, MI

How to add Creative Menuing to your operation:

Certain ethnic names are just simply intimidating because a guest doesn't know what it is. They may ask, or they may just skip that choice. One simple key to creative menuing is to offer items that are familiar with just a slight twist. So a typical breakfast bowl becomes a Mexican Fiesta Bowl with just the addition of some Mexican spices and peppers. Another method is to explain the ethnic difference in way that they are familiar with. So a Korean doenjang soybean paste stew, can be described as a kind of chunky Korean soup, and while many millennials may have no problem ordering Naem, a kind of fermented pork sausage, you can increase sampling by other segments by describing it as a Thai-inspired spicy sausage. Discover other examples of creative menuing below.

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Let Smithfield be your guide to your own global foods adventure. For more information on trending global breakfast regions, click here. For information on ordering, contact your Smithfield Sales Representative or call 888-327-6526.