• Smoked Sausage Mac and Cheese

    Mac & Cheese is one of the most ordered menu items — a classic that you can add your own signature to, from a cheese blend, to bread crumbs or panko. But the most important finishing touch is an irresistible protein—in this case, delicious Smoke’NFast Superior Smoked Sausage.

  • Bacon Chili Crisp Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Chocolate chip cookies are a classic favorite — dress them up with chili crisp for some global flair. But the way to really put them over the top? A bit of Smithfield Bacon.

  • Smoked Sausage Cajun Pasta

    Satisfy your patron’s love of Cajun cuisine with this simple four-ingredient pasta. This uses cavatelli pasta, tomatoes, peppers, and a signature Cajun blend— featuring Smoke’NFast Superior Smokehouse Smoked Sausage.

  • Dr. Pepper® Brisket Burnt Ends

    What could have taken 8 hours to create took 15 minutes. This dish is a sweet and savory flavor experience that combines the sweetness of the cola with the saltiness and delight of Smoke’NFast Brisket.

  • Honey sriracha ribs

    Having a good sauce can set your ribs apart, such as a sweet and savory blend like honey and sriracha. Add your own flair, but be sure to start with Smoke’NFast St. Louis Style Ribs.

  • Korean bbq pizza

    East Asian flavors are continuing to grow on menus. This unique take on it was made with a pre-made dough, jalapenos, cilantro, everything bagel seasoning and gochujang. But the pièce de rèsistance was Smoke’NFast St. Louis Rib meat, making it simple and delicious.

  • Korean bbq pulled pork tacos

    Tacos are great canvas to get creative. Add your own twist to elevate this popular dish, such as pineapple slaw, chilis, cilantro and more. This Korean/ Mexican fusion variation used Smoke’NFast Pulled Pork as the perfect base.

  • Ramen with Bacon

    The classic comfort of ramen is easily enhanced. You can create your own unique flavor profile, from tofu to bamboo shoots to eggs. This dish was created with simplicity in mind, using the smoky flavor of Smithfield Bacon as the star.

  • Quesabirria Barbacoa sliders

    Patrons love the flavor and care of slow-roasted meats. You can deliver the same flavor experience without laboring over a pressure cooker. This extra craveable Quesabirria can be customized in just minutes, using already prepped and shredded Smo ke’NFast Barbacoa.

  • Sliced Brisket Sandwich

    Brisket sandwiches can be customized in many different ways, from beans to fried onions to bacon. Whatever toppings you add, it takes that signature protein — delicious Smoke’NFast Fully Cooked and Smoked Brisket—to carry the dish.