Employ these back-of-house labor-saving tips to help your kitchen run at its best potential.

Cross-utilization: Find multiple unique uses for products across the menu. This can include adding a signature protein as the main entrée as well as in a side dish or salad.

Seasonality: Using the same protein, accent your dish differently for your summer and winter menus. All it takes is to vary the sauce, swap the starch or highlight a different fruit/vegetable to meet the season.

VIncorporate products: that eliminate the guesswork. Want to do away with the time-consuming process of chopping vegetables? Try ordering precut produce. Want to offer brisket but don’t have a smoker? Consider a pre-cooked and smoked product that is ready to be heated, sauced and highlighted as your signature creation.

Our panel of esteemed chefs offered their insights on ease
and efficiency in the kitchen.

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