• 1 rack St. Louis ribs, silver skin removed
  • ½ cup BBQ rub
  • Apple juice, as needed
  • Blackberry-Jalapeño BBQ Sauce (recipe below)
  • 1 small carton blackberries

Blackberry-Jalapeño BBQ Sauce

  • 6 oz. blackberry-jalapeño preserves
  • 9 oz. BBQ sauce




Meal Course:

Dinner, Lunch

Dish Type:



  1. Season both sides of ribs with BBQ rub.
  2. Let seasoning “sweat” into meat before cooking (10-15 minutes).
  3. Cook, unfoiled, at 250°F, spritzing ribs with apple juice every half hour.
  4. Cook to desired tenderness. Rack of ribs should have a good “bend” in them but should not fall off the bone.
  5. Slice rack of ribs into individual bones. Mix blackberry-jalapeño preserves and BBQ sauce. Baste bone sides and sliced sides of ribs with Blackberry-Jalapeño BBQ Sauce.
  6. Place rib bones on shareable platter and garnish with fresh blackberries.