BBQ is a trend that just continues to trend.

Today, foodservice operators are constantly looking for new and unique ways to differentiate their BBQ offerings to keep up with changing consumer appetites. That’s why more and more are evolving their BBQ creations into tempting new applications to keep up with BBQ-lovers’ demands for more, more, more.

When it comes to BBQ, nobody has more insights, ideas and unique on-trend recipes than today’s top pitmasters. Smithfield Culinary’s association with some of the top pitmasters in the country gives our foodservice partners an edge over the competition when it comes to everything BBQ. So whether you’re already a BBQ restaurant looking to add new and unique offerings, or you’re just looking to add quick and convenient BBQ options to your non-BBQ menu, the following tips from the pit could help you build additional business.

Let’s meet our renowned panel of experts and hear some of what they had to say about their favorite cooking style.

Tuffy Stone, Hall of Fame Pitmaster
“The most important thing in great barbecue is tenderness. The best barbecue has the perfect chew.”

Ernest Servantes, 40-time Grand Champion
“If you’re good at pork butt or you’re good at brisket, start off with that.”

Darren Warth, American Royal World Series Winner
“The one piece of advice I give new BBQ folks is ‘make your side dishes awesome, put your love into it because people will keep talking about your side dishes.’”

Chris Lilly, Owner, Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q
“When you really master BBQ, you can sit over in the corner and know exactly what you’re meat is doing without opening up the pit. It’s about the feel, the smell.”

Sterling Ball, Founder, King of the Smoker Invitational
“I want to make customers happy and deliver a perceived value. With the different cuts for pork, whether it’s tenderloin, loin, butts or ribs, you have the ability to deliver that value.”

According to Datassential, a full 47% of consumers eat pork at least once a week. With the help of our pitmasters, Smithfield Culinary has all the products, insights and ideas you need to add new and adventurous BBQ selections to your menu.

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